The Best Most Amazing Spindle Bowl Ever

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The Spin Cushion by Straddle Creek Spins, an exclusive invention and design by John Hunter

If you’re a support spindler, you need a spindle bowl. And not just any spindle bowl. You need one that allows you to:

  • Spin comfortably
  • Stay in place
  • Spin when and where you want

Enter The Spin Cushion by Straddle Creek Spins. Spin Cushions are the exclusive invention and design of John’s. And they’re my go-to spindle bowl for all my support spinning.

Spin cushions are the best spindle bowls ever. Could I call them John’s best invention to date? (And they’re available in our Etsy shop 🙂)

The Story Behind The Spin Cushion: The Origin

It all started with John watching our daughter snuggled on the couch, spinning. She’s an amazing spinner. At 14, she was spinning perfectly even, fine threads – no exaggeration.

As John watched her rhythmic drafting and flicking, the rhythm kept stalling. Her bowl would slip and she’d need to adjust. She didn’t think it was a big deal, but John did.

He asked if she’d like a chalice bowl. No, not with her petite frame. She had tried one, but it was tiring, holding it steady.

John’s a problem solver. A spinner should get to spin non-stop. The tools should never hinder, but only enhance the experience. A slipping bowl was a hindrance. An uncomfortable bowl was not an option.

John started brainstorming, bouncing ideas off me. What if he did it this way, or that way, or how about if…?

And spin cushions were born.

What Are Spin Cushions?

Spin cushions are sweet, little bean bags with the spindle bowl permanently attached.

The bag is 4-5 inches square. The cotton fabric is soft, durable, and offers just the right amount of friction to keep the whole thing in place.

Spin cushions by Straddle Creek Spins with support spindles

The wood bowl is 1-2 inches diameter with a dimple in the center. Some of them John dyes and others he leaves natural. Each is a work of art.

Why Use Spin Cushions? (or What’s So Great  About Spin Cushions?)

1.Spin cushions stay in place. This was a non-negotiable in the spin cushion design. I mean, this was the whole reason John designed them.

The cotton fabric offers a bit of cling and the weight of the bean bag is just right to keep things steady. John calls this his stay-put technology. Very, very high-tech.

2. Since they stay in place, spin cushions adjust to the most comfortable spinning angle. You can sit on the couch, feet tucked under yourself, and plop the bowl wherever it’s most comfortable. And your wrists and hands can always be ergonomically correct.

3.Spin cushions sit anywhere. You never have to worry about where to set your spin cushion. If you want to spin in line at the store, your trusty spin cushion will nestle nicely into the rack of impulse buys, don’t you think? You can spin and spin and spin!

4.With spin cushions, there are no interruptions or adjustments. You won’t be picking up your bowl from the floor after it slipped off your lap. You won’t have to keep adjusting your bowl because it’s heeding the call of gravity. And you won’t have to shift in your seat because your legs are tired of holding it. It’s distraction-free spinning all the way.

5.Spin cushions accommodate all spindle types. The bowl is not deep, so even a lower-whorled (is that a word?) spindle can fit. John also adds a dimple to the center of each bowl. So, for a fairly shallow bowl, spindles stay in perfectly.

6. And if I haven’t given you enough reasons to love spin cushions as much as I do, how about this: spin cushions are super-portable. And fun to play and fidget with. These cuties can hop right in your spindle bag or purse or other holder and come with you wherever you go.

Conclusion: The Verdict Is In

I love spin cushions. They have pretty much solved every problem I’ve ever had with spindle bowls. I can spin anywhere, anytime.

Spin cushions are spindle bowls extraordinaire! They do everything a spindler needs.

Spin comfortably with a bowl that stays in place – wherever and whenever you want to spin.

Find all our available spin cushions in our Etsy shop!


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