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Russian Spindle with Captive Ring in Dyed Sugar Maple


Spin fine fibers and beautiful lace singles. This Russian not only has a fast spin, but a long spin time as well. This is a made to order item. As such it will ship within 1 – 2 weeks.

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**This is a made to order item.**

Here is a lovely, unique Russian spindle hand-turned from sugar maple hardwood with a touch of decorative burning and wood dyes to add to the beauty.

I’ve also incorporated a captive ring in the design of this Russian. The captive ring adds a faint clicking and whirring sound that is truly mesmerizing and soothing.

This Russian has a stainless steel ball bearing tip. It has a very fast, stable spin for a truly enjoyable spinning experience!

With the portability of a Russian spindle, spin just about anywhere, anytime!

Russian spindles are especially good for spinning lace weight yarn because of their very fast spin.

**The following specs are approximations:**

Weight: .85 oz. / 24 g.
Length: 11.25″ / 28.5 cm

This Russian spindle, like all of my offerings, is finished with French polish then buffed to a satin sheen with my very own homemade beeswax finish.


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