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Peruvian Chac-Chac Spindle in Wild Cherry and Black Walnut (Prairie Collection)


Decorative burning on the shaft and whorl give this chac-chac a traditional feel while accenting the rich, local woods. Use a chac-chac as a drop spindle or supported. While they are not the fastest or longest-spinning spindles, Peruvian Chac-chacs are incredibly fun and ramp up the addictive power of spindle spinning!

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Chac-chacs are super-cool spindles! They are a Peruvian variation on their low-whorl spindle. Though used primarily as a drop spindle, they also are used supported at times.

-Be soothed and mesmerized by the gentle clicking and whirring of the captive ring on the whorl.

-Use the low-whorl chac-chac as a drop spindle by making a half-hitch to secure your yarn, or use it as a support spindle.

-Spin anything from primitive fibers to the most luxurious fibers on the sanded smooth shaft. Original Peruvian spindles have a rough, whittled shaft.

-Show your unique side! Be the only one in your guild – or state, or country – with a Peruvian chac-chac!

See an authentic Peruvian chac-chac here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqZiaftXpcE

As Abby Franquemont says, they are hard to come by these days. John is excited to start producing them here in the States. And we – the spinners in his family – are thrilled to use them!


Weight: 1.15 oz. / 33 g.
Length: 11.5″ / 28.5 cm

Wood: The whorl is turned from Wild Cherry, the shaft from Black Walnut.

Flicking End: The flicking tip of original chac-chacs is not nearly as fine as modern Tibetans. This particular tip is slightly tapered with a rounded end.

This spindle, like all of my offerings, is finished with a protective French polish then buffed to a satin sheen with my very own homemade beeswax finish.


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