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  • Tibetan Spindle with Captive Ring

    Tibetan Spindle with Captive Ring in Eastern Red Cedar and Wild Cherry

    • Lightweight; great for fine yarns; short to medium staple fibers
    • Cedar whorl; maple shaft with decorative ring; ball bearing tip
    • Approx. Weight .80 oz. / 23 g
      Length 10.25″ / 26 cm
      Whorl Diameter: 2.25″ / 5.5 cm

    *Made to Order*

    “Gorgeous, and spins perfectly – a joy to use. The captive ring is beautifully made. Definitely worth the wait to have it crafted. Thanks so much for including the fiber.” ~ Anastasia

  • Straddle Creek Spins Tibetan Spindle

    Tibetan Supported Spindle in Sugar Maple and Black Walnut

    • A fast spin especially good for short to medium length fibers; versatile for any weight yarn
    • Maple and walnut whorl with copper thread inlay; maple shaft with steel ball bearing tip
    • Approx. Weight .75 oz. / 21 g
      Length 10.75″ / 27cm

    *Made to Order.*

    “Well worth the wait! This is my second spindle from Straddle Creek. I didn’t think it was possible to get a spin better than my first spindle, but yes, this one is even better! Nice, long, well-balanced spin makes for beautiful yarn. Thanks!” ~ Susan