Spin because you love it.

Your favorite spindle awaits you.

It all began at a little fiber fair, in a little town, in a little hall. Okay, so the hall wasn’t all that little, but considering it was housing a fiber fair, it certainly wasn’t big enough. Nonetheless, that little hall is where Cyndy bought her first spindle, a serviceable plain dowel with a wood disk.

And John said, “Can I see that?

Cyndy said, “Sure,” and handed it over.

John said, “Hmmm. So this is what you make yarn with.”

Cyndy said, “Yup.”

John turned it around in his hands, studying it, then said, “I can make one for you. A little fancier. With some prettier woods.”

Cyndy said, “Okay.”

And here we are.

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John and Cyndy
Fiber Fair
The Fiber Fair

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